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    New Single by Brightlife Music Artist Gee Kazz









    Though Gee Kazz is finishing his debut album, his first single "Setooo" is set to be released soon to the public! Including the hot new video that you just cant miss! Stay on the look out for this new artist and his firey hot single "Setooo"!


Brightlife Music Artist Gee Kazz!


  Gee Kazz "Why U Mad " Ft Emaculent & Anthony Gate  . Hot This Summer   Watch Now On Vevo        

Brightlife Music artist Gee Kazz is the newest, and youngest,member

of the Brightlife family. With roots stretching from the outback of

Australia to the tropics of Nigeria, he is a unique blend of his

ancestry and worldliness, projecting a genuine eclecticism

which can’t be falsely construed.

Gee Kazz is a wholly original performer who is primed

to captivate listeners the world over. With a flow on the

mic that bobs and weaves through meticulously laid out

beats, his distinctive style and undeniable talent

create an image that cannot be duplicated.

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